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Solidworks drawings and viewer

Here are the latest models of SCINI in eDrawings format. You can get a free eDrawings viewer for Mac OS X at . Sorry, at this time there is no viewer for the Unix platform.

Down load the eDrawings viewer (it’s a very handy viewer that displays almost any CAD drawings)

Once you have the viewer open and the SCINI model loaded go to the tools menu and select the Move Components tool. Now you can click and drag components around to get a better view. You can look inside the main bottle in the center of SCINI to see the electronics tray and take the thrusters apart as well.

Another convenient trick is to press the track wheel on your mouse and drag to rotate the drawing, scroll the wheel to zoom. When you’re done making a mess click the house icon in the tool bar to put it all back together.

Have fun! Playing with this viewer is like having a new video game!


All of our internal documentation is available as pdfs or can be browsed as html here. You can download all of the documentation including images, scripts, and text source as a zip file.


We are currently working on a MOOS-based controls and navigation system, which we would like to share when it is more functional and better documented.

Our microcontroller code is targeted for the atmel Mega128 platform mounted on a Chip45 Crumb128 board with in included UART to USB interface chip. This code is loosely under the GPL and is available as a zip file.

python controls

For testing purposes we have developed a very simple python script to communicate with the ROV over a serial port. We have posted an early version of this software, not very useful unless you happen to have a compatable ROV, but other developers may find it interesting how simple the program is.

Requirements: Issues for 2007:


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